Once  upon a time, exercising was  considered merely an unsophisticated task.  People’s main motivation for performing physical activities was to achieve physical and  mental health

In recent years sports activities have evolved into a more competitive and serious role. Presence of various competitions, obtaining numerous medals, and championship titles have motivated the sports lovers to assume a more challenging position

Funding athletic events via various sponsorships both public and private has begun a new era in the “business of sports”.  Pouring money into different aspects of sports including athletes’ salaries, trainings, and such has changed the face of sports forever. Scientific advancements in different areas of sports has worked in favor of maximizing athletes health, injury prevention and hence improving performance as a whole

In today’s world, sports  have  become  industrialized and has turned into a business. It  has  become  a  lucrative industry  for  sponsors and  athletes  and  hence a  great  opportunity  to  gain  both fame and fortune

In  this large market,  there  has  never  been  a privately owned Iranian company  that helps and supports both athletes and investors.  Hence  “SMC-PLUS” was founded. The founders of “SMC-PLUS” have a true faith in the power of sports.  “SMC-PLUS” employs global principles and standards to consult both athletes and investors in various fields of marketing, management, sponsorship , charity, etc.  “SMC-PLUS” was established  in order to assist preparing sports champions and  help  investors  to connect with  such true  champions. In conjunction with its  partners abroad,  “SMC-PLUS”  mission is to raise awareness about sports in Iran and introduce Iranian athletes to the global sports market.  We hope to succeed in reaching our goals with your friendly support

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